‘RC Wives’



We were tipped off recently about a new trend in RC, not a new class, new car or gossip, but a website / Facebook group and even members club – ‘RC Wives’.

“We love our Nitro Junkies and support their love of racing. We RC Wives are an elite group of women who put in long days and nights at the track, we scrub dirt, dust and sand out of sponsor clothing for our men’s podium pictures, we drive numerous hour for big races and use vacation time to watch our men do what they do.. RACE TO WIN! “

The website and Facebook group have some brilliant internet memes and observations how RC Racing is for the ‘Trouble & Strife’, enjoy a small selection below!

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They say “Behind every good man is a good women.” They also say “Behind every good racer is a good team.” We are no exception to either one of those.

Head on over to www.rcwives.com & RC Wives on Facebook