The Riccardo’s top EURO Contest Day 1



This weekend hosts the Bittydesign EURO Contest in Barco, Italy. Our sister site, is on-site to report all of the action as it happens! With only three rounds of practice runs on day 1, it was the two Riccardos who shared the spoils of ‘fastest’ driver in round 3- with the young Kyosho ace Riccardo Berton setting a 16/10:22.337 whilst Radiosistemi’s Riccardo Rabitti laid claim to fastest legitimate lap of the day with a 36.2. Earlier in FP2 Mugen driver Giovanni Del Prete had set a 10 min run together 8 secs quicker than Berton’s FP3 time but was not able to reproduce that magic run.

Heading into Saturday, four rounds of 5min qualifying are set to run in addition to a last 10min round of practice in the morning. Its safe to say the drivers are more than pleased with the event so far, the track being the highlight, offering an authentic US style 3D layout but not being too tricky for novice drivers either. In addition to the Riccardos above expect Baruffolo to be fast, Walter Floris, Perin, Del Prete and perhaps a few foreigners as they find their pace.

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