F1 racing in the factory teams future?


hara f1

In offroad racing, one of the fastest growing classes over the past few years has been short course truck racing. In onroad racing, one of the fastest growing classes has been F1. R/C F1 racing, if you haven’t seen it personally, is one of the most realistic looking forms of R/C racing on the planet. Everything from the cars minor details to the driver in the cockpit.

While F1 R/C racing has grown considerably over the years, we have yet to see a large number of the “factory pros” dive into the new class…until now.

Onroad (and offroad) ace, Atsushi Hara has shared a photo as he prepares for the upcoming RIDE Cup Round 2 event. A picture of his perfectly groomed touring car would be nothing new, however, this time he has shared a picture of his new STJF1 car for the event.

Will this lead to more and more top level drivers around the globe joining in the F1 frenzy? Is F1 class racing something we will see added to factory teams “priority list” in the near future?