WMD’s nuclear new shock stand


wmd stand

WMD Products, an accessory company based out of the US state of Kansas, has introduced their latest product! WMD is known for their carbon fiber accessories including Serpent battery straps and wheel scrapers, Team C carbon fiber shock tower sets, and more. Adding to their lineup of carbon fiber accessories is the all-new WMD Carbon Fiber Shock Building Stand.

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This 100% carbon fiber shock stand is designed to fit both 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale shocks, and stands 100mm tall. A solid 4″ square top and bottom holds your shocks steady, and with the help of a 2mm wrench can easily be disassembled for easy travel. The corners of the top and bottom are notched to hang shock shafts and lids, and keep them of your dirty work table. Each shock stand includes a convenient carrying container to keep it all together and organized race after race, not to mention it also doubles as an oil drain pan to dump your dirty oil into!

Source: WMD Products