‘WC Striped’ T-shirt by Tebo’s JTP



Top offroad racer Jared Tebo posted a sneak peak of some new JTP clobber that will be available soon – inspired by the cycling world.

“First off is the JTP WC Striped shirt. In cycling the reigning World Champion wears a special jersey with the UCI World Championship stripes on it. I have really liked the look of those jerseys and I think the idea of it is pretty cool. You will also see manufacturers using those stripes in the products that have won a World Championship.

I designed this shirt to represent my two IFMAR World Championships. The shirt is 100% US made and printed. Printed on a premium quality American Apparel shirt.”

Source: JTPRC.com

  • Billy Tylaska

    uh… striped only has one P. Two Ps makes for a completely different word…