Offroad Worlds to be held on concrete?


concrete worlds

We are officially only a few months away from the 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad World Championship. The event is set to be held at the Naxos World track in Sicily, Italy this coming September. With only a short time to prepare, one might expect the track and facility to be undergoing a significant makeover by this time, however, thanks to a few “spy shots” sent to us by a loyal RCNews viewer Sal Imperiale (native to Island Raceway and Hobby in New York), it would appear the track is further from the World Championship race conditions than you might expect. The main focus being the actual racing surface itself.


As you can see the track area is slightly overgrown with weeds and grass, however that is an easy fix. As you will also notice the racing surface itself has little to no vegetation growing on it because it is currently concrete. The venue is rumored to have dirt and a more traditional offroad surface in time for the upcoming IFMAR World Championship, however, at this very moment it does not appear that any work towards changing any of the concrete track surface to dirt has begun.

IMG_0427 (1)

Manufacturer’s and drivers from around the globe have expressed confusion and worry regarding the event already in the form of its extended schedule, lodging, etc. While we are NOT saying the host facility can’t be ready in time, we ARE saying that with only three months until racers hit the track for the first laps of IFMAR Worlds practice and qualifying, the Naxos World track crew definitely have their work cut out for them if they plan to change the concrete track into dirt.

IMG_0424 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0427 (1) IMG_0429 IMG_0418 IMG_0416 IMG_0413

Could this be the first concrete IFMAR Worlds event 1/8 scale offroad buggys have ever seen?



  • buggyracer

    Within three months you can build entire skyscrapers. The article is based on pure speculation. If two weeks before the start of the event nothing has happened at the track, that might be the time to get a bit worried.

  • sandvichmaking

    The only problem with the thought of having a concrete track for worlds is that it’s in section 4.1 that the track must be 50% natural soil. Maybe they’ll just cover up some of the concrete with dirt….

  • PastaBoyNY

    Trust me when I say that the track is not in very good shape…. no speculation at all on my part, they are my photos. The whole track is concrete with Astro Turf on the jumps. I was there about eight days ago while visiting family. Buggyracer, if someone builds a skyscraper in three months theres no way Im going inside, lol. The drivers stand had plywood that was turning up at the seams and the entire area felt very creaky to say the least. Im not stirring the pot or speculating anything at all here. The place is going to need quite a bit of TLC and it doesn’t look like anyone is has run on it in quite awhile. I hope its done in time for the event since I know at least one of the drivers that’s been invited.

  • buggyracer

    Forget the skyscraper example if you don’t understand it. How can you expect a track to look great THREE MONTHS (that is an entire quarter) before an event? A few frequently used tracks might, but most don’t.

    Apart from these photos which mean nothing three months before an event, do you have any information on what the club is actually planning to do? Have you spoken to anyone in the know? No? So, it is all pure speculation on your behalf, and just tends to cast a bad light on the event, the club, and our entire sport for that matter. For example, the club might get a professional construction business with professional equipment involved and within just a week, probably within 2-3 days, they would be able to remove all concrete, put in the dirt, cut the grass, and do all other fancy stuff that you would like to see on your photos (that was my skyscraper example, btw).

    You might say hiring professionals is never going to happen in our small and rather amateurish RC world (and I might agree with you there), however, in the US and other places people do build big tracks within a couple of days at club level without real professional involvement, and they do so many times per year at many events. Just take The Dirt race, for example. Three months before an event, you might just find plain farmland. Now, in Italy, you have a track, drivers’ stand, etc…

    So, again, it really makes me wonder what you are going on about three months before the event, without having any meaningful information about anything. Wasting people’s time…

    • Fasty

      I expect something chosen to hold the worlds not look like a class C county road, that’s for sure.

  • k1racer

    Leave it to someone from island raceway to stir the pot that’s all they tend to do. The track is known in the tristate area as the home of the house wives of long island. All they do is complain like little girls. Just checkout their thread on rctech and see for yourself.

    • Anthony Mast

      First of all, sal was in Sicily for FAMILY! As racers we like to explore foreign tracks, this DOES NOT mean he attended to make criticisms. Second of all, you sir are “the LONG ISLAND GIRL that’s always complaining” for making bad remarks about island raceway, a track you’ve probably never raced at, made friends at or have seen what were about. Every track has arguments on their thread because of opinion, but it’s allowed. If you knew us, you’d know we never fight at the track. At the end of the day everyone has their own opinions, you don’t need to like sals opinion but you have to respect it. You stirred the pot more than sal ever did! If you want to make criticisms about our track, you need to experience it first. Lastly, not everyone is a house wife of LI like you make us out to be.

  • JF

    Looks like Chernobyl.

  • JF

    37°48’59.0″N 15°14’59.2″E Looks like its close to a topless beach.

  • PastaBoyNY

    Are you guys for real? Honestly? I go to visit family and decide to take some photos of the WORLDS track while I am there since I enjoy seeing new tracks and going different places. There is NO speculation….the place is a mess AT THE MOMENT. Im not speculating that it wont be ready….just sent in pictures of what is there right now. Italy is in Crisis when it comes to money so I really don’t think that any “professionals” will be called in to do any kind of work….THAT would be speculation. I posted pics, stated my opinion and all of you guys with way too much “keyboard commando” in you have come out to have fun. Take the photos for what they are. I am not the one who said it wont be ready nor am I looking to stir a pot. It is what it is right now…..Period.
    K1….stop by sometime and race with us at IRH if you are even remotely close. Some pretty quick guys there and its always a good time. You can even pit next to me and we can BS about nothing in particular. Theres no Pot Stirring going on here…just photos of what the condition of the track is in as of eight days ago.
    Carry on boys…its nicer to have a discussion instead of an “insult fest” but then again, I understand how some guys can get when not speaking to others on a one to one or face to face basis.
    Mike, thanks for posting the photos and running the story as you did.

  • Guest

  • DallyDDD

    Just run it on concrete, everyone in offroad, tries to make their surface, rock hard and grippy, many races i have been to have had dirt as hard as cement, so racing on concrete is ideal, it will blue groove fast and get nice and grippy, and not deteriorate

  • Andy Taylor

    To be honest there are many options. The club may already have plans in place. Who knows. Some one said “You might say hiring professionals is never going to happen in our small
    and rather amateurish RC world (and I might agree with you there),”

    Well tell me a better crew than DXR who build a track in around a week and the “BEST” drivers in the world attend, its known as the indoor worlds lol

    The only issue with DXR and Harper adams is they have learnt year on year and tracks have only got better and better as they know how wet to get it etc etc. Virgin soil from another part of the world might or might not react as well……..That said I dont think any one would not want to run on a DXR track anywhere its built in the world?

  • Dave

    I feel this could and should be easily resolved,
    I believe all the host club needs to do is simply inform the Rc world of their plans for the facility’s preparation over the next 12 weeks which of course would only be a positive encouragement for everybody looking at attending & the rest of the Rc onlookers worldwide

    If there are no plans at this stage i believe that would be a good reason for genuine concern

    The last worlds is often spoke of as been a failure.. it would be a real shame to have a repeat

    Some one from the club mentioned about giving the event a bad name, If the club/ host actually had done anything to the track or said what their intentions are there would be no issue, They themselves are the only ones causing all negative criticism!

    People have to put allot of effort and commitment towards getting to an event like this which only happens every two years, They have the right to be worried and concerned when it would appear that not one person has lifted a finger regarding the event’s preparation and the track at this stage is not much more than a joke at best!