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This past weekend hosted the final round of the RC Skool racing series for students of  Fen Bilimleri School in Turkey. These young students have been introduced to R/C racing via Tom How’s RC Skool program, and have built up competitive series of racing for themselves. Bora Işık would take the win at Round 7 over Ahmet Avci and Kerem Gürsoy, however it would be Ahmet Öztürk who would claim the championship win! Ahmet received a sponsorship from Tom How and RC Skool of a Serpent Spyder RM equipped with electronics for one year to drive!

RCSkool Final Rnd top3- 28

Round 7 Results:

  1. Bora Işik
  2. Ahmet Avci
  3. Kerem Gürsoy
  4. Taylan Yurdadoğ
  5. Ahmet Öztürk
  6. Deniz Terzİoğlu
  7. Direnç Bağci
  8. Eren Kilerci

Championship Results5

Championship Results:

  1. Ahmet Öztürk
  2. Bora Işık
  3. Ahmet Avci
  4. Ekin Direnç Bağcı
  5. Taylan Yurdadoğ
  6. Kerem Gürsoy
  7. Deniz Terzioğlu
  8. Ö. Oğuz Özkahraman
  9. Eren Kilerci
  10. Alp Eren Kaya
  11. Mehmet Eren Anbar

Organizer Tom How says, “Today we signed the sponsorship contract between Ahmet Öztürk and RC Skool. Also we laid down some rules about his school work, so he has to keep up and obtain good grades!”

Contract signing 2

Source: RC Skool