Kyosho’s new 50th Anniv. MP9 Mini-Z



Kyosho America has just released the 50th Anniversary MP9 TKI3 Cup Edition Mini-Z. Having earned the trust of off-road buggy fans, the Inferno MP9 has lost none of its world-class performance in its relaunch as a palmtop size racing buggy. The precision compact chassis features a shaft driven 4WD with a two-differential drive train incorporating a slipper clutch to protect gears with oil shocks on the 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension, just like a true 1/8 racing buggy. The result is the exceptional performance expected of a 1/8 off road racer, but concentrated into a racing machine that fits on the palm of your hand and the best off-road performance achieved in the history of the MINI-Z.

With most of the precision components protected within the dirt-proof shell, the chassis has the rigidity and durability for hardcore off-road action. Based on the MINI-Z Racer, control circuit board has been tuned for off-road with a special separated design. The ICS function allows precision setting adjustment of controls including the optional gyro unit through your PC while the Chase Mode (requires special transmitter with 3 channels or more) feature fires up the intensity of racing action. Also, the newly designed steering servo is equipped with 7-stage gearing. High torque and precision control combine to produce the MINI-Z’s characteristic steering feel and linear control. Only a few simple steps remain for this racing buggy with the latest MINI-Z technology to start ripping up your nearest dirt track.

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Source: Kyosho America