Serpent unveil Viper 977-e 1/8th electric



Serpent are looking at a July release date for the next development stage in 1/8 scale electric powered onroad design. Being the 1st a few years back to introduce the purpose designed Serpent 966-e, we are now taking another big step to introduce the Viper 977-e.

Michael Salven as designer could focus fully on the central part of the car, as the Viper 977 suspension is well proven with the TQ and Wc win.

977-e_25 977-e_28 977-e_39

The new design takes into account the todays battery, speedo  and motor technology  and makes best use of it.   The 1/8 speedo, 2 x 3S batteries and a 2000 KV brushless motor as complete package make the Viper 977-e accelerate like crazy and achieve very similar or even faster laptimes than gaspowered.   Run-time is already close to 5.5 minutes as well.

Key features
–        Carbon fibre chassis 5mm and topdeck
–        Carbon fibre battery holders / protectors
–        Carbon fibre speedo plate
–        2 belt system with 5mm belts
–        large pullies and ballraced belt tensioners
–        Aluminium 7075 T6 motorholder and mid-shaft bracket
–        16T motorpully  / 48T spur ratio
–        Viper 977 front and rear suspension

We choose for the 2 x 3S batteries as those are easy to get everywhere, and enable playing with balance / weight well too.

Why run a 1/8 scale EP onroad racecar ?   Well there are some reasons:

–        The sheer speed and power
–        No noise in tracks where this is an issue ( sometime only eveningtime )
–        No mechanic / helper needed to race
–        Cleaner !
–        Just different , try something new
–        Greener !
–        Lower running cost is possible but depends on proper use of speedo and batteries


For existing Viper 977 gaspowered drivers, we may also offer a conversion kit, so at end of season they can convert their GP 977 into EP to give it a try.


Final testing is in full progress  and soon production can start.