Schröder wins at North German Champ


Schröder wins at North German Champ

The second round of the North German Championship took place this past weekend at the rather technical Braunschweig track. Lars Hoppe and Timo Schröder again dominated the whole weekend and showed a great performance after the double victory at the first round in Munster with Lars Hoppe finishing in front of Timo Schröder. 

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In qualification it was Lars Hoppe who took the TQ in front of Timo Schröder and Michael Pätz in third place. At the start of the final Lars had some problems with his engine which gave Timo the chance to push him hard.

After the first fuel stop Timo took the lead with his new Velox V8 “EC” and it was an interesting fight between them for the remaining 25 minutes until Lars’s engine flamed out. At the end Timo crossed the finish line 1 lap in front of Lars with Michael Pätz completing the podium 5 laps down.