New Novak 4×4 SCT Brushless System


New Novak 4x4 SCT Brushless System

Novak has paired the updated Crusher speed control with a Ballistic 550 sensor-based motor, ready to take on a wide range of applications from 4×4 short-course/monster trucks to the voltage-hungry speed run fanatics.

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Novak’s 6.5-turn/3400Kv Ballistic 550 motor provides massive power and efficiency, and is the largest race-legal motor for 4×4 short course trucks. Whereas with added features like a 2S-4S operating range, 5-amp BEC, complete on-board programming, sealed case, auto-detect LiPo cutoff, ESC thermal protection, and a rebuildable/upgradable motor, the Crusher 4X4SC Brushless System is a great blend of performance and easy-to-use features that is ready to power your project today!


  • Sensor-based and customizable system for excellent torque and control
  • Dynamic Timing Advance (up to 35 deg) for increased RPM
  • Novak’s new Simple-Tuner firmware for easy, on-board adjustability of any of the three, pre-loaded standard profiles (Basher, Sport, and Timing Test)
  • Rebuildable and tunable motor
  • Heavy-duty 5A BEC and included cooling fan