X Factory is on Prime Time TV Tonight


X Factory is on Prime Time TV Tonight

National Geographic Channel has launched a new prime time show called Showdown Of The Unbeatables. X Factory, Paul Sinclair, Chazz Sinclair, and the X – 6 Cubed buggy will be featured in tonight’s episode of the show.

Filming was completed over a three day period in September and October of 2013, with over 10,000 minutes of video shot at five different locations to produce about 10 minutes of show. One member of the film crew with 20 years’ experience filming things like this plus sports action said, “This is the most exciting and detailed video I have ever shot. These shots are incredible!”

Showdown of the Unbeatables showcases three product match-ups per episode. The companies that designed them are as varied as the inventions: some are mom-and-pop shops with one killer product while others are multimillion-dollar corporations with extensive resources. What they all share is a passion for their product and the unshakeable belief that it can’t be beaten. The emphasis is on innovative high tech products which are placed in unusual competition.

Hosts Unger and Lamprey align themselves with opposing products, getting to know how they work, learning the backstory from engineers who created them and then seeing them in action. The series explains the fascinating science behind the inventions, but above all it delivers incredible, logic-defying visuals. Viewers will be left scratching their heads wondering who is going to win. When the dueling companies meet for the first time, it’s a mixture of fear, bravado and genuine readiness … just like a pre-match meet in boxing. The players size each other up. The rules are drawn up and agreed upon. The supporters take their places. And the showdown begins.

Each competing company is given about five minutes of air time showcasing its product, followed by about five minutes of the Showdown. Therefore, you will see Paul, Chazz, and the Cubed for about ten minutes of prime time TV, as Paul puts the Cubed through some incredible action, the kind of stuff you haven’t seen an R/C car do before.

We have not seen any R/C product do anything like this before, and have not seen any prime time exposure for R/C racing like this. This is not a paid commercial, not an infomercial; X Factory is part of the show, which will be seen by millions. We hope it give a great boost to the popularity of our sport.

Tune in to the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9 PM Eastern & Pacific!