Worlds Organisers answer JQ’s Questions


Worlds Organisers answer JQ’s Questions

Following Joseph Quagraine’s open letter to the RC community regarding the much talked about 1/8 buggy IFMAR Worlds, the organisers of the event have responded to JQ’s comments in a statement of their own! Check out their full response below! 

Our organisation, Messina Worlds, has already organized in Messina, year 1992 the Onroad Team World Championship. Then, in the same location (year 1991), the 1/8 Onroad EFRA European “B” Championship. Last, but not least, we have also successfully taken care of the 1/8 Onroad IFMAR WC Championship in 2005. Not to mention the several Italian Championship races organized since the Eighties. Furthermore, we pay lots of attention to local R/C events, in order to promote our sport among young people.

We are very sorry about what Mr. Joseph Quagraine comments, specially because we believe that some of his statements don’t match reality at all. Here follow our considerations concerning several issues.

ACCOMODATION: We have certainly proposed officially about 4/5 hotels. Would you please note that in the Giardini-Naxos/Taormina area, being one of the most famous tourist resort in the Mediterranean, there are hundreds of hotels, B&B’s and so on. Therefore all drivers/technical staff are free to book accomodation wherever they like. By the way, if our plan (as clearly mentioned by JQ) was to make profit, we would have proposed to organize Warm-Up sessions as well.

DURATION OF THE EVENT: As shown in the EFRA and IFMAR websites the duration will be from the 18th to 27th September 2014, which means 2 extra days compared to the previous plan. In any case,2 extra days will avoid private practices, Team practices and Warm-Up. Also they will be useful in case of problem caused by unexpected weather conditions.

DRIVERS: In reference to what JQ mentions about drivers we’d like to make reference to the past World Championships. We are sure that you are aware that in the past editions, some drivers attended Warm-ups, while some others didn’t and even some of them spent several weeks at the track But, at the end, all of them raced eventually at the WC. This means that the 2 extra days are not necessary nor compulsory.

TRACK: Regarding such issue we underline the fact that JQ has never contacted us and we never declared that track modifications would have been out of question. So, we confirm that we will proceed with such modifications, according to the official rules. We also believe that organizing a Warm-up and then change 60% of the track, it is not useful to drivers nor to the manufacturers.

Finally, this Offroad WC Championship, will be an opportunity for the drivers to race equally, on a fair play ground without disadvantages for any of the them, being the track “new” for all of them.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Michael

    JQ showed proof that he reached out to them.. They really didn’t address anything he said.