Ty Tessmann doubles at Neo14


Ty Tessmann doubles at Neo14

Ty Tessmann put away a dominating performance during the Neo14 A final, taking the overall nitro buggy victory to unite with his Vampire Racing electric win earlier today! Starting in pole position, Tessmann built a comfortable lead with Cody King sitting in second place.

Spectators witnessed King rattle Tessmann during the start of the 45 minute A final with Tessmann not truly expecting just how fast Cody King would be. Starting back in 4th on the grid, King wasn’t necessarily a big threat during qualifying however he battled hard for the lead which turned out to be in vain as the Canadian Ty Tessmann continued to produce blistering fast laps, leaving King to finish his Neo14 journey in second place. 

David Ronnefalk crossed the line in third leaving Jared Tebo in fourth with Elliott Boots rounding off the top five. Tessmann’s double victory at this year’s Neo Race see’s Jared Tebo loose his 100% win record with Tebo not in his normal Neo form. Nonetheless despite radio difficulties earlier on in the event, Tebo proved to be a strong contender just missing out on a podium spot.

Tessmann claims Neo14 Vampire Electric Neo14 - Day 3 Neo14 - Day 2 (6) Neo14 - Day 2 (13)

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