Kyle McBride wins at 2014 Silver State


Kyle McBride wins at 2014 Silver State

After what can only be described as an incredible nitro buggy final, Australian Kyle McBride has won the 2014 Silver State Nitro Challenge which was held this past weekend in Boulder City, Nevada. Although it was Jared Tebo who secured TQ after qualifying it was Kyosho team-mate Kyle McBride who took the top step of the podium!

After a poor start McBride dropped down to 12th during the opening few laps however after 20 laps he had regained his lost positions before going on to take the lead. Ty Tessmann crossed the line in second with Jared Tebo rounding off the top three.

Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. Kyle McBride
  2. Ty Tessmann
  3. Jared Tebo
  4. Carson Wernimont
  5. Drew Moller
  6. Josh Wheller
  7. Cody King
  8. Dylan Rodriguez
  9. Ryan Lutz
  10. Cody Smith
  11. Adam Drake
  12. Mike Truhe
  13. Ryan Maifield

Nitro Truggy Results:

  1. Drew Moller
  2. Jared Tebo
  3. Carson Wernimont
  4. Ryan Cavalieri
  5. Adam Drake
  6. Ty Tessmann
  7. Josh Wheeler
  8. Ryan Lutz
  9. Cody Smith
  10. Cody King
  11. Dylan Rodriguez
  12. Ryan Maifield
  13. Colby Poh

Electric Buggy Results:

  1. Josh Wheeler
  2. Jared Tebo
  3. Ty Tessmann
  4. Drew Moller
  5. Carson Wernimont
  6. Kyle McBride
  7. Cody Smith
  8. Ryan Lutz
  9. Ryan Cavalieri
  10. Adam Drake
  11. Mike Truhe
  12. Colby Poh
  13. Kyle Johnson