Viljami Kutvonen claims 2014 LRP TCM


Viljami Kutvonen claims 2014 LRP TCM

“The car was just great and the body worked well” said Viljami Kutvonen with a big smile right after his victory in the first Masters Class A-Main. Our TQ had a nearly faultless run. Right from the start, he drove a few super fast laps and got a gap of about 1 second to Ronald Völker in 2nd. Marc Fischer made a small mistake, so Yannic Prümper was able to take over the third place.

After four titles in a row for Ronald Völker, it is the Finnish driver Viljami Kutvonen who takes the second A-main too. Viljami is the LRP TCM 2014 champion. Starting from second, Ronald had a really bad start. Right in the first corner, the rear of his Yokomo spun out and Marc Fischer with no chance to react crashed with Ronald. That left Viljami on top, chased by Yannic Prümper and Freddy Südhoff.

Ronald started a furious ride, coming back to fourth place. A new mistake while chasing Freddy ended all his plans for a victory. On top of the field, Viljami drove a controlled run and was under pressure by his Awesomatix / LRP teammate Freddy Südhoff only in the last two laps. Yannic made a mistake in the second half of the race and finished third.

With Viljami already having secured the victory, it was Ronald who started first into the 3rd A-Main. He could pull away from the pack and took an easy win. Behind Ronald we saw a lot of close racing action with 6 cars within only one second. Lead by Marc Fischer, there was a “road train” with Yannic Prümper, Alexander Hagberg, Freddy Südhoff, Dominik Fleischmann and Marco Kaufmann. In the deciding lap 13, it was Marc Fischer who had a small contact with Yannic Prümper that let Alexander Hagberg pass.

A few corners further Yannic really crashed. But while flying off the track, his car got hit by Freddy Südhoff, his main rival for 3rd overall. Freddy lost a lot of time and finished 5th in this main. Alexander Hagberg finished 2nd in the end, ahead of Dominik Fleischmann in 3rd.

Masters overall ranking:

  1. Viljami Kutvonen – Awesomatix / LRP
  2. Ronald Völker – Yokomo / LRP
  3. Yannic Prümper – Yokomo
  4. Freddy Südhoff – Awesomatix / LRP
  5. Alexander Hagberg – Xray
  6. Dominik Fleischmann – Yokomo / LRP
  7. Marco Kaufmann – Xray
  8. Marc Fischer – Serpent
  9. Dyonis Stadler – Awesomatix
  10. Lucas Urbain – VBC

Viljami Kutvonen claims 2014 LRP TCM

The 10.5T Open Stock class saw a start to finish victory for Marek Cerny who had a good start into our final day of racing. For 4:50 minutes of racing, Marek was followed by Oliver and Jan. Oliver tried to close the gap to Marek but a few very small mistakes by Oliver gave Marek a little space. With only three corners to the flag, Oliver hit a curb, rolled his Awesomatix and Jan took the second place. Behind these three drivers, there was a large gap and a lot of racing action that for example allowed Thorsten Zorn to climb up from 10th to 6th position with a clean run.

While in the Masters class everything worked well for the TQ, it was a real bad A2 run for TQ Marek Cerny. Right into the first corner, Oliver Franke attacked Cerny from 2nd on the grid and passed him with a brilliant start. But it still got worse for Marek Cerny. At the end of the long corner, Mareks Xray spun out and ended inside against the wall. It was Andreas Myrberg who took an early second position ahead of Steffen Leinburger and Jan Ratheisky.

Marek Cerny could continue on 5th position attacking Jan several times. A mistake from Andreas and the fight between Jan and Marek left Oliver Franke with an easy lead ahead of a comfortable second place for Steffen Leinburger. All together, there was a lot action in this main. Before the last A-Main Oliver, Marek, Jan and Steffen were still able to take the overall victory.

In A3, Marek Cerny drove to a start to finish victory. He is now the LRP TCM 2014 Open Stock Champion. Behind Marek, Oliver and Jan raced closely until they touched in lap 8. Oliver tried to get back on pace with Marek and crashed his car. With 3 laps to go, Jan made a small mistake and Bernhard Bopp who started 8th on the grid impressively took the second spot. Jan finished third.

Open Stock Overall ranking:

  1. Marek Cerny – Xray / LRP
  2. Oliver Franke – Awesomatix / LRP
  3. Jan Ratheisky – Xray / LRP
  4. Steffen Leinburger – Awesomatix / LRP
  5. Bernhard Bopp – Yokomo / LRP
  6. Tony Streit – Awesomatix / LRP
  7. Jan-Phillip Staab – Yokomo / LRP
  8. Patrick Gassauer – Team Magic / LRP
  9. Andreas Myrberg – Xray
  10. Thosten Zorn – Schumacher / LRP

Viljami Kutvonen claims 2014 LRP TCM

Daniel Anthes won the first 17.5T Challenge A-Final in style. He took the lead from the start and never looked back. In the end, Daniel won with a 4 seconds margin. Tim Kunz finished second but had a little more work to do. In the beginning, it was Özer Yürüm and later on Michael Spiering trying to pass Tim. Both did not find a way and while Özer made a mistake and dropped way down the ranking, it was Michael who finished third. Quite remarkable was the run of Stefan Köhler starting from 12th spot and finishing fourth with a clean run and a bit of luck.

First winner crowned at the LRP TCM 2014 is Daniel Anthes. He gave another proof of his great shape and took the win in A-main 2. In the beginning, it was the second driver on the grid Tim Kunz who chased Daniel. Later Özer Yürüm coming from 3rd tried to attack Daniel. Tim and Özer both made mistakes and left Michael Spiering pass onto the second spot. Özer still finished third.

Daniel Anthes wanted a 3/3 mains and succeeded in taking A-main 3 too. A new fastest time of the day with a gap of 5 seconds was his reward. In the beginning, Michael Spiering got hit from behind and fell back to 9th spot. He could recover to 4th place but had no chance to race with Tim Kunz and Özer Yürüm for second place overall. It was Özer Yürüm who settled on second spot for the first half of the race. After a mistake, Tim took second spot and although Tim and Özer had a crash at the end of the race, they finished 2 and 3.

Final Standings:

  1. Daniel Anthes – Serpent
  2. Tim Kunz – Xray
  3. Michael Spiering – ARC

Viljami Kutvonen claims 2014 LRP TCM

Bad luck for our pole sitter in the Classic Challenge. It seems that it was a little late last night, because he did not tighten his rear wheel correctly. His car dropped the wheel in lap two. Frank Holz and Dirk Malak took the lead with Erwin Kruse in third. After some serious battle, it was Dirk who won ahead of Frank. Erwin could not follow that pace and secured third.

A2 was even harder for TQ Patrick Greinke. He did not plug in his battery properly and had to start later into the race. Erwin Kruse had a crash during warm up and missed the race. So, it was again the battle between Dirk Malak and Frank Holz. This time, it was the better end for Frank taking the win in leg 2 ahead of Dirk and Klaas Pollert. A very hard time for our TQ with DNF in Leg 1 and a 9th place in leg 2! The overall victory had to be decided between Dirk Malak and Frank Holz.

After the bad luck in A 1 & 2, Patrick Greinke showed that he had deserved TQ. Start to finish victory in a new fastest time of the day for Patrick! With Patrick on the first spot, the race for the overall victory was already decided. Frank Holz took the TCM 2014 Classic Challenge title ahead of Dirk Malak. Klaas Pollert took the 2nd place in A-main 3 and reached 3rd overall.

Final Standings:

  1. Frank Holz
  2. Dirk Malak
  3. Klaas Pollert

Viljami Kutvonen claims 2014 LRP TCM

The Rookie Challenge A-Main started first today. It was Laura Pollert starting from TQ. Right in the first chicane, Nico Müller hit her from behind, resulting in her car flipping over. Nico waited and both dropped down to the 4th and 5th place. A few laps later, Laura had to retire from the race. Bad luck for her. Nico Müller could fight his way back to the front and won the first A-Main. 2nd place went to Martin Hefkaluk and third to Karsten Schneider.

Laura Pollert took the early lead in the second A-Main. Nico Müller chased her hard and in the fifth lap it came to a crash on the long straight. They both needed a marshal and Martin Hefkaluk took the opportunity to take the lead. Martin won the race ahead of Nico and Laura. So we had Nico and Martin with first and second places to race for the overall victory in leg 3.

“Näääh”, a child’s voice cried through the curious audience and a few of the Rookie Challenge drivers pulled the throttle. Stop racing, restart! Second try and everything went well for Nico Müller. Laura Pollert went very wide in the first corner and Nico directly took the lead. In the battle for second, Martin could pass Laura and pull away. Nico took the win in leg 3 and is our TCM 2014 Rookie Champion.

Overall standings:

  1. Nico Müller
  2. Martin Hefkaluk
  3. Laura Pollert

A great event has come to an end. Congratulations to all winners.