JQ Products plans USA Domination


JQ Products plan for US Market Domination

After the news broke regarding HRP Distribution ending their North American distribution agreement with JQ Products, Joseph Quagraine has announced that JQ Products do in fact have a ‘cunning plan for domination in the US RC Car market’! Read their full press release (which was published yesterday) below… 

“We do in fact have a cunning plan for domination in the US RC Car market. Preperations have begun. There will be an east coast tour in May/June, but before then there is a lot to do. There are quite a few people around America that have been supporting us over the years, and this is the time for you to get in touch. If you want to play a part in our new plan, please email me at jq[at]jq-products.com”

See: www.JQ-Products.com