Wollanka takes 2nd win at Buenos Aires


Wollanka scores 2nd win at Buenos Aires

2013 VRC World Champion Martin Wollanka (Austria) has added another win to his laurels by winning with a 5 seconds margin over Neil Cragg from the UK and another 3 seconds on Rick Redmin from the US. Round 3 of Season was held at the at the Speed Paradise off-road track in Buenos Aires, Argenmtina. After a turbulent start Martin at the Speed Paradise off-road track in Buenos Aires took the lead in lap 5 and never looked back. 

The fight for 2nd was fierce, especially between the 2 French racers Loriot and Le Gall. A bad crash in lap 11 put Le Gall back to 6th and a few more mistakes kept him in that position. Young Nicolas Loriot was also pushing hard to get a podium finish but he came just over a second short for 3rd after a pit lane crash during refuelling.

The big fight was between Neil Cragg and Rick Redmin, a bad crash of Rick in lap 25 finished his quest for 2nd. Neil Cragg had an up and down race after dropping back to 6th early on, but his steady and fast driving got him back on the podium after 20 minutes of hard racing. This race saw the first racer from South Korea compete on the highest stage: Kwang Bok Lee. Quite a few racers from his country have signed up lately so be prepared to see more South Koreans fight for victory in A-Mains!

A-Main PRO:

  1. Martin Wollanka – AT – 28 – 20:26.734
  2. Neil Cragg – GB – 28 – 20:33.492
  3. Rick Redmin – US – 28 – 20:36.600
  4. Nicolas Loriot – FR – 28 – 20:37.403
  5. Dan Marson – CA – 27 – 20:02.291
  6. Quentin Le Gall – FR – 27 – 20:05.372
  7. David Barcena – ES – 27 – 20:10.872
  8. Javan Candy – GB – 27 – 20:14.526
  9. KwangBok Lee – KR – 27 – 20:17.011
  10. Patrick Hofer – CH – DNS

After 3 rounds, without a drop result, David Barcena leads the championship with Dan Marson in 2nd and Matthew Stacey in 3rd. With 3 races to go and 2 drop results anything can still happen with Wollanka holding the best cards with 2 wins. Question is: can anyone stop Martin Wollanka?