New RGT DT2 Brushless RTR Rally Car


New RGT DT2 Brushless RTR Rally Car

RGT Hobby presents their new DT2 1/10th brushless rally car which has been created from their popular RGT R-2. The new RTR rally car is perfect for bashing and features a strong, durable and redesigned chassis, RGT Hobby even go on to state that the kit itself can survive jumping at heights of two meters however we’re left a little unconvinced. Features can be found below.


  • Front and rear steel CVD shaft
  • Adjustable composite toe‐in inserts in . No need to purchase upgraded options
  • Aluminium hard coated for the main chassis, upper deck , front and rear shock tower
  • Extremely high performance Aluminum hard coated big bore shock
  • Adjustable chassis flex design allow driver fine tune to their needs
  • Steel turnbuckle all round with HD ball cups
  • Battery mounting system to fit all ROAR legal 2S LiPo cells
  • RGT anodizing for head‐turning professional race looks
  • Composite oil‐filled gear differential with steel outdrives creates
  • maximum traction and express power delivery
  • With all standard setup options for front and rear caster, camber and toe adjustments supplied in the kit, the RGT DT2 PRO is ready to win straight from the box.
  • Available in the UK end of March