Interview with the inspiring Kaja Novotny


Interview with the inspiring Kaja Novotny

Young Czech racer Kaja Novotny has quickly developed into an off-road RC success story. Having won his first racing trophy at the age of eight, Kaja, with the support of his father Karel, has ascended the ranks of European off-road racing with a rather enviable reputation for multiple podium places at the meetings he attends. 562 racing trophies attained so far by Kaja! Are we seeing the rise of a future European Champion? 

Kaja, often referred to as Charlie by his friends in the UK, has been representing Team Durango for a few years, and during this time has carved a winning record that some racers struggle to achieve in a life-long career behind the radio transmitter. Team Durango thought it was the perfect time to sit down with Kaja and ask him some questions about his relationship with not just the world of RC, but their products. Kaja is a real inspiration to young racers all over the world, and his commitment to taking products to the winners spot make him a great ambassador for any brand.

At what age did you win your first RC trophy? – I won my first RC trophy when I was 8 years old. It was my second RC car race, when I won junior class in stock touring car.

How many RC trophies have you won since your career started? – I had to count them to answer this question, and the answer is 562. More than half of them I have won with Team Durango cars.

Who got you interested in RC racing? – It was my Dad. He took me to the Lestr cup race in Cezch Republic to show me how the race looks and asked me, if I want to try that. I said yes, and my father bought me Tamiya RTR car. Few weeks later I raced on my first race.

When you are racing, for the five minutes that you must concentrate, what goes through your mind as you are driving? – I just think about each corner and jump, try to concentrate just on my car. I always try and find a little time to check on the progress of my rivals.

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