Novarossi engines ‘destroyed by fuel used’


Novarossi engines 'completely destroyed by fuel used'

Following Marco Vanni’s engine problems at the recent 2014 Winter Nats held in Florida, Novarossi have made a very public announcement today stating that their engines seamed to get ‘completely destroyed by the fuel used’!

We understand that the recently signed Team Shepherd driver was using Novarossi team-mates Lamberto Collari’s very own MLC fuel, however that being said there are reports that Collari, and many others, have had great success with the MLC/Novarossi combo for quite some time with no signs of trouble.

[UPDATE – 10:06PM] – Via
We have been contacted my the legendary racer himself, Lamberto Collari. Collari assured us that Marco Vanni was in fact NOT using his MLC Fuel at the Winternats event, despite the picture above taken at a race in Italy only a short time before. So as it turns out MLC fuel is NOT TO BLAME for the Novarossi engine trouble…but the question remains, “Who is?”
Was it the fuel, was it the engines, or was it just bad luck? We can’t say for sure what was the cause of Marco Vanni’s Winternats trouble, however, it is apparent that Novarossi feels as though they are not to blame.

Check out Novarossi’s official statement above and let us know what you think in the comments below.


  • Alex

    He should have used Tornado fuel, but then again it is a Novarossi, aka Hand grenade.