Dakotah Phend TQ’s Buggy at DNC


Dakotah Phend TQ's Buggy at DNC

At the end of a very long day of buggy racing (1AM finish) it was Dakotah Phend who claimed overall TQ for TLR at the 2014 Dirt Nitro Challenge which is currently underway in Phoenix, Arizona. After taking both rounds of qualifying, Phend is followed by Ty Tessmann and Jared Tebo who round off the top three as we look towards the buggy finals! 

Dirt Nitro Challenge – Buggy Qualifying:

  1. Dakotah Phend
  2. Ty Tessmann
  3. Jared Tebo
  4. David Ronnefalk
  5. Carson Wernimont
  6. Cody King
  7. Barry Pettit
  8. Reno Savoya
  9. Ryan Cavalieri
  10. Taylor Petersen
  11. Austin Blair
  12. Ryan Lutz