New Kyosho Scorpion B-XXL VE Baja


New Scorpion B-XXL VE Baja

After presenting their large scale Scorpion B-XXL VE Baja at the recent Toy Fair, Kyosho have announced that it’s due to land early March, although numbers will be limited for the first batch.

Press Release:

“Until the Scorpion B-XXL VE, big size machines were difficult to enjoy, even in designated areas. With its ideal 1/7 scale size, proven off-road performance has been matched with real Baja Racer form in matt black colour and smoked windows to create an ice-cool look. Sporting 111 (One Eleven) graphics, rugged block pattern tyres on bare bolt bead lock wheels, the model surges to life as soon as the power is switched ON so the near silent running performance can be realized without limitation. Packaged as a Readyset, the formidable size becomes even easier to enjoy.

With a powertrain using the ultimate in model electronics at its core, the Team Orion brushless motor and special ESC delivers dynamic acceleration and breath-taking top speed. Based on the Scorpion XXL chassis, the unique specifications can be seen throughout, including the red springs on the oil shocks. Dynamic running power is supported by large capacity suspension to take on big jumps with confidence in this machine packed with performance that promises the ultimate off-road experience!”