Introducing the Durango DEX210v2


Introducing the Durango DEX210v2

Team Durango present their latest evolutionary update to the 2013 EFRA European Championship winning 2WD Buggy platform, the DEX210v2. Loaded with impressive features the new kit also includes their patented Hybrid Technology Gearbox design and unique adjustability options. Further details can be found below.

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“The DEX210v2 is the most complete 1/10 Electric 2WD Off-Road racing package available today. Armed with your DEX210v2 you can win at your favourite track, and challenge new exciting and different racing environments, straight from the kit box. Designed first by Team Durango, our multi-configuration gear box means that by purchasing just one car, you get race-winning performance, in all lay-outs, on all surfaces. You can harness the benefit gained from our many years of development, meaning one car can do it all, and with our patented gear box design, your DEX210v2 can never be replicated.

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Why purchase two 2WD cars when the DEX210v2 will do everything you will ever need, wherever you need it to, straight from the box? Team Durango’s no compromise philosophy will be the perfect partner in your developing RC career. The DEX210v2 will allow you to own, build and maintain one car to achieve the optimum lay-out for all your racing challenges, wherever they may take you. Begin your journey to the podium now, with the DEX210v2.”

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