Francesco Martini continues with Xray


Francesco Martini continues with Xray

Xray have confirmed that the Italian multiple champion Francesco Martini will continue running their products for the 2014 season after also being an important R&D member for the T4 platform.

Francesco had the following to say:

“During these past years I have got the chance to work in close contact with Juraj and Martin; their expertise and contagious passion led me to love this hobby more and more, and to chase perfection as the only possible result. Only those who know them can understand how strong and contagious their desire to always improve is.

Martin’s further involvement in the touring project allowed the work team to get even more tight-knit. And now everyone works hard but with a smile on his face. Of course, also the development of the models has benefited of this mood. I think that our highest aim is to continue on this path.”