Phil Sleigh claims BRCA Micro Nat Rd3


Phil Sleigh claims BRCA Micro Nat Rd3

The third round of the BRCA Micro National series took place recently at Dudley. As you entered the track area you could see that the club had made a real effort with the layout. In the centre was a spine ramp which looked fantastic and in the left hand corner of the track before the straight was a double drop off. In front of the rostrum was a table top. The twisty centre section of the track had a fan shaped made from mats which added to the inner section of the track.

After a track inspection by the health and safety officer and the track official it was decided that the spine ramp was to be removed as it was hard to marshal safely. With the concourse chosen for 2wd and 4wd the race brief was given buy the chairman Chris Oxley. Practice started shortly after.

After practice the four rounds of qualifying started with the best two rounds to count. After round four of qualifying the top ten 4wd were Andrew Jones, Craig Harris, Simon Moss, Phil Sleigh, Rob West, Keith Robertson, Tony Bishop, Mark Hancock, Tom Roach and Kevin Taylor. Andrew Jones took the top qualifying spot. The top juniors in qualifying were Harry Redstone, Sam Guppy and Ryan Bamford who were awarded with their trophies. 2wd top drivers after round four qualifying were Craig Harris, Phil Sleigh, Tony Bishop, Dan Osborne, Simon Osborne, Shaun Thompson and Steve Hawkins. Craig Harris took the overall top qualifying spot.

Phil Sleigh claims BRCA Micro Nat Rd3

I Final: Tim Lucas, John Ryland and Phil Eade. Tim won with a sixteen second gap to second place John Ryland and there were only three seconds between John and third place Phil Eade

H Final: Craig Round, Ryan Lucas and Rob Hancock. With only four seconds between first place Craig and second place Ryan. Less than a second between second place Ryan and third place Rob, it was close race for the top three from the start.

G Final: Paul Hammond, Colin Kirkham and Rob Chalmers with only one second separating Paul in first place and Colin in second place. Colin started tenth on the grid and drove well to gain second place. Seven seconds from second place Colin was third place Rob.

2wd A Final: Craig Harris, Phil Sleigh and Dan Osborne. The TQ driver Craig Harris won by two laps over Phil and Dan. Dan finished five seconds behind Phil. With 19.09 average laps and a fasted lap of 18.07 Craig was on fire.

F Final: Liam Toole, John Howe and Darren Moult. Liam finished one lap ahead of second place John. John held on to second place over Darren by just three seconds after several laps.

E Final: Jez Morris, Mike Sanders and Steve Hawkins. With only three seconds separating first second and third with the lead changing throughout the race.

D Final: Jim Davis, Nathan Powney and Dave Jackson. First and second finished one lap up on third place Dave. Jim won with a fourteen second lead over second place with his average lap a second quicker.

C Final: Andrew Vincent, Spencer Farley and Ben Billing. With first on the grid Gavin Stephenson not starting the race as he was having radio trouble. First and second place finished one lap up on the rest of the field including Huw Jenkins and first place finished seven seconds faster than second place with a fastest lap of 19.22 seconds. Top qualifying junior was Harry Redstone finishing in six place

B Final: Gavin Williams, Dan Osborne and Andy Nancollis who finished one lap up on the rest of the field. With only two seconds between first and third place and only three hundred tenths of a second between Dan in second place and Andy in third. Andy made a mistake close to the end which Dan spotted the open door and got through. Bryan Burrows retired on lap eight with a breakage.

A Final: The top three were Phil Sleigh, Andy Jones and Craig Harris who all finished one lap up on the rest of the field, Phil’s average lap was 18.12 and his fastest lap of 17.28. Small mistakes on the first bend by pole driver Andrew Jones lead to Craig getting stuck and Phil spinning out. With a race incident on the small jump just after bend two Andrew took the lead with Phil behind in second. Craig was down to sixth place. Andrew led a lot of the race but made a mistake and Phil took up the lead. Craig had made his way back up to forth behind Keith Robertson and made his way past him after three laps. He was caching up with second place Andrew at some pace but with one lap to go Andrew kept his cool with the ever pressing Craig on his tail. Phil drove with pace and precision to take the win with a six seconded lead over second place Andrew.

Race report by Huw Jenkins with photos from John Howe.