C4.2 Narrow Rear Pivot Suspension Kit


C4.2 Narrow Rear Pivot Suspension Kit

JConcepts have announced the release of their narrow rear pivot suspension kit for the popular C4.2. The C4.2 comes stock with a slightly wider rear suspension pivot geometry which allows the vehicle to react appropriately in extremely high-grip conditions. However, when the traction is lower, additional swing is needed in the rear-end and justifies the narrow rear pivot suspension.

By decreasing the size of the camber link, inner pivot virtual rectangle, the buggy transitions left to right quicker, applying force against the rear tyres giving that moment of forgiveness. Drivers feel more confident as traction breaks allowing them to power down slightly quicker transitioning into a forward moment. This setup is especially good in medium to high traction conditions which drivers see on outdoor and indoor tracks throughout the year.

See: www.JConcepts.net