Sinclair wins at SuperBowl Shakedown


Paul Sinclair wins at SuperBowl Shakedown

X Factory brought three top drivers to the First SuperBowl Shakedown race hosted by Redneck R/C in Baldwinsville, NY on the 1st Feb. Co-Hosted by RCSoup, this was the largest event ever at Redneck, with 211 entries. X Factory’s drivers hosted a seminar for over an hour on Friday night, with primary speaker Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair, and many attendees commented they learned a lot during the session. 

All of X Factory’s drivers participated, each one answering various questions from the audience, sharing their unique experience and knowledge.  In the event, Paul Sinclair was second in round one a few seconds behind the leader, then turned in the only 18-lap run of the day in round two of qualifying to take the TQ spot. Computer problems plagued the mains, and the large entry made things run late, so the mains were cancelled and trophies awarded based on qualifying, giving TQ Sinclair the overall win!