New RB6 / RT6 Battery Positioner Sets


New RB6/RT6 Battery Positioner Sets

Not one to disappoint, RDRP continues to release high quality option parts for the Kyosho RB6 buggy and RT6 stadium truck. This time with two new battery positioner sets, first up is the aluminium variant that is only slightly heavier compared to the kit’s plastic parts. They are designed to enhance the look while offering higher rigidity at the same time. Made from 7075-T6 aluminium the C-shaped parts sport laser-etched graphics and are usable for standard length, shorty and saddle pack battery configurations alike. 

Also new is the corresponding brass positioner set. Using the same design as the aluminium set it is heaver in weight at 45g, making it ideal to alter the weight distribution and overall weight of the vehicle. The battery cups are made from high-quality brass, they come laser-etched for a factory look and include black anodised aluminium battery standoffs that are usable with the standard as well as optional battery holders.


New RB6/RT6 Battery Positioner Sets