Carl Engelmann wins X – 6 Cubed


Carl Engelmann wins X – 6 Cubed

X Factory is proud to support club racing by promoting the stock buggy class at races all across America, awarding an X – 6 Cubed Conversion Kit to the highest-finishing driver in stock buggy who is not sponsored. If the winner is a sponsored driver on any team, the prize goes to the second place driver if he is not sponsored, and so on until the highest-finishing non-sponsored driver. 

X Factory sponsored the 17.5 blinky stock buggy class at the recently completed SouperBowl Shakedown race at Redneck R/C in Baldwinsville, NY, and Carl Engelmann TQed the class and won the X – 6 Cubed Conversion Kit prize.

Normally there are very few entries in stock buggy at Redneck R/C, but the X Factory sponsorship generated a total of 22 entries, making the drivers and track very happy. While the two qualifying rounds were hotly contested, Engelmann TQed by several seconds over the field. Computer problems plagued the mains, and Redneck decided to award prizes based on qualifying, so Carl won the Conversion Kit.

X Factory then decided that, since the main had not been run, all the other drivers in the A main will receive a significant discount if they choose to purchase an X – 6 Cubed Conversion Kit.

Despite the computer problems, everybody had a great time at the SouperBowl Shakedown, and X Factory is pleased to work with Redneck R/C next year. They are sponsoring stock buggy for the third year in a row at Cactus, and would be pleased to sponsor the class at a major race anywhere in the US.