Feature: Hara’s new deal, future & Poll



After yesterday’s Friday frenzy that surrounded the news of Atsushi Hara’s destination, many of our new readers have been left scratching their heads slightly, first of all Speedmaster Hobby is a company few will have heard of, however it is the parent company to SWORKz  & TPro, Hara has signed a three-year contract to be a “Team Brand Ambassador” with the parent company thus promoting SWORKz & TPRO, and perhaps any other ‘new’ companies that might appear in the future!

So taking stock of the situation, Hara starts working for Speedmaster Hobby as of today (February 1st) although he’s not at the toy fair, but rather wearing his Yokomo hat at the ETS after inking a special race-by-race agreement with the Japanese outfit to race touring car.

If forums, Facebook & social chatter are anything to go by the general mood is that of surprise, many club-racers questioning Hara’s choice not to go with one of the established frontrunners – inevitably money is a key  part of the equation, its no secret that RC is struggling in these times and its common knowledge Hara had an eye-watering deal from HB / HPI. After HPI hit some financial problems Hara jumped ship and spent 6 months evaluating his next move, ensuring it would be the right one.


By joining the Speedmaster Hobby group he not only has the backing from a company with grand ambitions through Scott Yang, but also the influence of A Main Hobbies is apparent- they are the N.American distributor for SWORKz and will play a pivotal role in promoting the product in the US as well as worldwide.



It seems A Main aren’t ‘officially as involved on paper’ as we first thought they would be, but we know Kendall Bennett’s influential online empire strings stretch far and wide…


We turn to you informed reader, do you think he made the right move? Only time will tell but its always fun to speculate!