Atsushi Hara in A Main Hobbies / Sworkz deal ?



After much speculation and hearsay surrounding the future of Atsushi Hara, sources suggest that a three-way deal between A Main Hobbies, Sworkz and Atsushi Hara is on the cards, with the particulars to be announced on February 1st.

RC News believe that Hara will be racing for A Main Hobbies directly and with A Main’s close distribution deal with Sworkz, the two companies will unite to meet Hara’s wage expectations and work together to promote the Sworkz offroad product range.

A photo published on the Sworkz Europe Facebook account suggesting Hara’s well-known car will be unveiled on Feb 1st, it is also the 1/8 buggy he has been racing most recently.

Whether a long-rumoured ‘Hara’ brand might surface as a result of the budding partnership remains to be seen, with official sources tight-lipped on the subject. This weekend coincidentally Hara is attending the ETS event in Germany, running for Yokomo, at the same time as the toy fair takes place in nearby Nuremberg.

Stay tuned for the official news and further details on Feb 1st.