Durango DETC410 – Full Details & Video


Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video

Team Durango are extremely proud to announce the release of their first ever 4WD electric touring car, the DETC410! A selection of their press release can be found below along with a fantastic video and image gallery… 

“The DETC410 provides a premium quality, precision engineered 1/10 Touring Car kit at a specification that exceeds its amazing price. Whilst being designed and engineered to win in the hands of experienced TC racers, the DETC410 is also the perfectly balanced TC kit for newcomers to this fast, dynamic and exciting racing class.

Team Durango’s race-winning philosophy helped transfer the precision design and manufacturing qualities of our already globally recognised racing cars, to the most finely tuned RC class of them all. The DETC410 is a winner.

Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video2 Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video3 Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video4 Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video5Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video6 Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video7 Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video8 Durango DETC410 - Full Details & Video9

Incredible specification, amazing value and race winning set-up adjustments are all standard, with the ability to advance your racing knowledge, or polish your existing track skills, all in one high performance kit. The DETC410 is your key to faster laps. The DETC410 has CVD D-Joint drive shafts, tuned-stiffness suspension arms and our custom suspension hanger and caster block insert tuning system, all included in your kit box. With such a high stock specification, you can build your DETC410 and get straight to racing, with no need for additional parts.

Your DETC410 is designed to provide a wide range of high-performance tuning adjustments to squeeze every second from your lap times. Our custom dual shock absorber configuration will allow you to choose bladder or emulsion set-ups, giving optimum ride tuning in one complete shock package. The ability to tune shock O-ring ‘stiction’, by accessing our range of high-quality silicone O-rings, will allow you to fine tune every millimetre of shock travel, for any racing conditions. You can choose to use one or two O-rings in your shocks for an even wider range of tuning options.

The addition of a custom designed fifth body shell support gives the DETC410 maximum body shell rigidity for increased down force and super-precise steering response at high speed. Gold anodised linkages in ultra-lightweight aluminium for precision adjustments and Pro racing looks.”

See: www.Team-Durango.com