Ryan Maifield leaving LRP ?



In what might be described later on in the season as ‘contractual maneuvering’, Team Associated star driver Ryan Maifield let slip something very interesting in LiveRC’s weekly ‘talk it up Tuesday‘ feature – specifically on the topic of Maifield’s nitro powerplant for the upcoming season.

“LiveRC: As the nitro season approaches, will you once again be running LRP Engines?

Ryan: We have to wait and see on that topic. I’m working on what I’m gonna do for 2014 and I can’t yet say what’s going to happen, so stay tuned.”

The first signs or hints of a switch ? Don’t forget Ryan is a major presence in 1/10 Offroad as well and he dominated the CRCRC race last weekend, still running and sporting full LRP getup. The story behind the scenes is of course closely linked to LRP’s longstanding distribution deal with Team Associated coming to an end late last year, this means the synergy of running ‘in house’ products from a Team Associated point of view is no longer existent where LRP is concerned.

Whether LRP’s new ‘LRP America’ arm take up and continue to sponsor and support drivers like Maifield, Steven Hartson etc remains to be seen… Watch this space.

Story source: LiveRC.com