New Serpent Spyder Mid Motor Buggy


New Serpent Spyder Mid Motor Buggy

Serpent designer Billy Easton is proud to present his latest masterpiece, the MID motor version of the very popular Spyder RM. After developing a purpose built rear motor kit Serpent has decided to build a mid-motor buggy which shares many of the parts featured within its rear motor sister. A selection of its key features can be found below. 

Key Features:

  • High performance race geometry
  • Mid motor design
  • Unique steeringblock design
  • Big bore 12mm RCM type shocks with dual system
  • Innovative shocktower design
  • Highly Efficient Steering ackermann
  • Adjustable rear differential height
  • 3 pad slipper clutch
  • Narrow composite chassis design
  • Low, cab forward body

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