Silly Season: Winners & Losers



With all the moves and shakes over the last 48 hours, have taken a quick look at which companies have done well out of the annual ‘silly season’ of driver team switchs etc and also those who’ve faired less so, drivers departing for better opportunities elsewhere.

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TLR: – Stock Rating: SELL

Once upon a time the all-conquering TLR offroad express had a team with strength, depth – the envy of many, times have changed and despite big victories the nature of the team has changed, three big losses; Darren Bloomfield, Miguel Matias and Mike Truhe with no replacements suggests a consolidation of existing resources.

KM Racing: – Stock Rating: SELL/HOLD

KM are currently in the process of releasing their new K8 killer 1/8 onroad car, whether that balances the loss of Dario Balestri to Capricorn in 1/10 onroad & Adrien Bertin we’re not sure, they’ll need to make some investments to rebuild the team.

Novarossi: – Stock Rating: HOLD

Mixed bag, big changes – out go offroad star Elliott Boots and onroad Champions Robert Pietsch & Dario Balestri. Offroad arrivals include Kyle McBride, Taylor Petersen but we’ve yet to hear any onroad additions, it seems change is in the air.

Picco & Reds: – Stock Rating: HOLD / BUY

Major coup for these two Italian engine brands in luring away star drivers from Novarossi – Pietsch & Boots. A massive gain. Picco have seen Neumann leave so unless they sign a driver will lose exposure in the offroad market.

FX Engines: – Stock Rating: BUY

A surprise signing in Jorn Neumann from an outfit we thoughts weren’t planning to splash any cash on drivers as part of their business plan. All eyes are now on Neumann to see what he can do with the ‘Royal’ engine.

JConcepts: – Stock Rating: HOLD/BUY

The loss of Jorn Neumann to rivals Pro-Line sees the Florida-based outfit lose their European ‘outcrop’ representative, after several successful years together however Neumann was forced to run another brand of tyre during the 1/8 buggy euros perhaps contributing to a premature end of the relationship. Having said that team principle Jason Ruona has the likes of Ryan Maifield, Dustin Evans & Steven Hartson on the books…

Yokomo, Agama, Serpent: – Stock Rating: BUY

All three have made gains with individual team additions, Yokomo with Lee Martin, the Brit is sure to give much-needed additional exposure to the brand outside of Japan in 1/10 Offroad. Agama via Nemo Racing in the UK have themselves a European race-winner with Darren Bloomfield, will he win anything as big as a European title again? Perhaps the 2014 package will revitalise Bloomers. Lastly Serpent signing Mike Truhe, a much needed boost to their on-track credibility, Truhe has always been a fantastic representative for TLR and the move could give him renewed confidence and enjoyment in RC.

HB / HPI: – Stock Rating: SELL / HOLD

How do you get over the departure of a driver like Atsushi Hara? By signing on another multi-class expert by the name of Adrien Bertin!, he might not quite be at his former driving peak and Hara’s shadow still looms large, however HB have Tessmann for offroad and Andy Moore for onroad, looking ok for them in 2014.