Associated to re-release 1994 RC 10 ‘Worlds Car’ ?



Team Associated haven’t had the smoothest of last 6 months, despite another Worlds win their release of the worst kept secret in RC… the B5. The cat lept out of the bag after more than one eagle-eyed Associated fans noticed some new additions to the parts list in a Associated manual.

It would seem Associated haven’t quite learnt their lesson as its happened again, not quite as big news as the B5, but confirming a re-release of Team Associated’s 1994 RC10 Worlds Car. A car released originally to celebrate Brian Kinwald’s 1993 IFMAR Worlds win in Basildon, England, handily enough the re-release would coincide with the original’s 20-year anniversary.

Thanks to a keen RC News fan, we were alerted to a small slip up in the B5 manual that was posted yesterday, which all but confirms that Team Associated will be releasing a Limited Edition RC10 Worlds much like their recent RC10 Classic – a car that has proven quite popular amongst enthusiasts, updated to suit modern electronics.

6002_RC_10_Worlds rc10_3 rc10_2