Elliott Boots departs Novarossi



Just when you think you’ve heard most of the new season’s driver signings, along comes a twist to spice things up as we head towards the typically quiet RC period of mid-January – not so with the breaking news that IFMAR Worlds top qualifier and crowd pleaser Elliott Boots will not be racing Novarossi in 2014!

“We’d like to say a massive thank you for the help and support from Novarossi for the past few years, we’ve had some fantastic results together and wish them all the best in the future, looking ahead we can’t wait to hit the track again at Padova with a new motor!” – Elliott Boots

The news is sure to send industry-wide shockwaves – alongside World Champion Robert Batlle, Boots was one of Novarossi’s bankable headline stars. The potency Boots demonstrated when powered by Novarossi was at times awe-inspiring, however his switch a year ago from AKA tyres to rivals Pro-Line proved successful, winning Neo13’s ‘Vampire Racing’ electric class and coming the closest anyone has in history to Jared Tebo, finishing a very strong 2nd.


Boots’ exit makes him the 2nd high profile British departure from the Italian brand, Darren Bloomfield having signed up to run for Bullitt, leaving the likes of Lee Martin & Simon Willetts running the BEAT engine & Novarossi respectively.

Now we know he’s not with Nova anymore what could Elliott Boots’ likely destination be? Place your bets!


– Boots would easily slip into the winning nature of Orion’s team which reads like a who’s who of Offroad RC, with rumours circling Jared Tebo’s future with the Swiss firm, perhaps Adrien Bertin has seen his opportunity ?


– LRP I hear you question, not one of the big classic engine names but the power behind P3 at the Euros with Martin Bayer not to mention a certain Ryan Maifield & Neil Cragg – perhaps a blue cooling head for 2014 considering they are already a smaller sponsor of Elliott’s?


Chris Boots mulls over the best move for son Elliott


– Taiwan’s highest profile engine brand at the moment and longterm sponsor of Ryan Lutz, they have the money but difficult to see main sponsor Kyosho OK’ing such a move.


– Boots’ history with RB goes back to the beginning of his career, the French outfit supporting him for many years before his switch to Novarossi. A dark horse in chase and difficult to see RB in the running given their preference of holistic sponsorship (car/engine/tyres/fuel)


– The Mario Rossi-led outfit is increasing the volume and turning into ‘noisy neighbours’ for Novarossi, their swoop for Cody King last year put them on the map, such a move for Boots would put him on the same car/engine/tyre combo, we know they’re fans of Boots but can they afford another Worlds star?


– A reverse move to Kyle McBride, unfancied for the simple fact that OS are notorious for their lack of top driver sponsorship, Boots commands a big deal and a switch to OS whilst super reliable and potential runtime improvements looks unlikely.


– Alberto Picco hasn’t made many acquisitions since his signing of Jorn Neumann, we listed them as the pair were linked in the past.


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  • Matthew Bailey

    The motor is the only thing that hasn’t let him down. He needs to switch cars, not motors.