RB BLAST V18 Engine – Limited Edition


RB BLAST V18 Engine - Limited Edition

RB Products are excited to announce the release of their new limited edition RB BLAST V18 engine which features a 14.5mm turbo and lightened crankshaft, a turbo combustion chamber, 5 ports and a lightweight machined piston with a strong competition conrod. Additional details can be found below. 


  • 14.5mm turbo and lightened crankshaft
  • Turbo combustion chamber
  • 5 Ports
  • Lightweight machined piston with strong competition conrod
  • High protect Rear-cover
  • Composite slide carburetor with 7mm restrictor
  • Lightweight but strong crankcase with high speed bearing
  • Engraved cooling head

See: www.RBProducts.com