New RC10 Aluminum Rear Motor Plate


New RC10 Aluminum Rear Motor Plate

An important aspect to RC10 performance has always been a sturdy motor plate. The unique assembly designed in the 1980’s, places a lot of emphasis on the rigidity and also relies on the aluminum to dissipate heat from the motor. JConcepts has upgraded the all important motor plate and maintained all the structural elements with the original design. Available in blue and black anodized aluminum, the motor plate has the honeycomb machined treatment as featured on the more current vehicles, positioned to reduce weight but not compromise the durability. 

The motor mounting slots are built in a radius to smoothly rotate the motor to the desired position. The raised heatsink “shield” on the back has been custom modified, reducing unnecessary weight. The silver chamfered edges look incredible, finishing off the timeless classic, JConcepts style.


  • JConcepts style and function
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • Honeycomb lightweight pocketing
  • Lightweight heatsink “shield”
  • Radius motor slots for smooth movement
  • Silver chamfer edging
  • Aesthetic eye-candy