JQ – THEDistributor of THEYear


JQ Products - THEDistributor of THEYear

At JQ Products we have decided to start presenting an annual THEDistributor of the year award. We have learned that there is only so much we can do. Local presence, effort and support makes a huge difference. The products, problems, and strengths are the same in all markets, what differs is the distributor. RcPro Thailand and Samart Khemthong has been awarded the first ever distributor of the year award, because their work has truly helped JQ Products become successful, not only in Thailand, but all over the world.

Samart is a great representative for JQ in Thailand. He is well respected in the RC scene in Thailand, always being present, and supporting local events. He is also a former chairman of the Thai RC federation. He works hard and does whatever it takes to keep customers happy and also to find new ones.

Thank you Samart and RCPro!