Detonator RC10 Classic Body from JC


New Detonator RC10 Classic Body from JConcepts

The buggy that started it all in 1984 has been re-released by Team Associated and JConcepts is quick to respond with an all new classically designed Detonator body and 5.5” Hi-clearance wing. The spirit of the Detonator lives in the 1980’s, starting with the rear biased, over rear tower, hung cab, large window detail and roll-bar treatment outlining the stout individual pillars. The side-pods are simple, yet effectively cover the iconic aluminum tub chassis and skate by the latest in inboard electrical gear. 

Multiple side windows, including the vintage back window, stand out as class leading details. The front of the body slides just inside the front shock tower and nose brace tubes and gradually rises up to a center inlet scoop built into the hood. The back of the body has a powerful look, dipping down underneath the slick 5.5” wing and kicking up right at the rear adding flare and additional force over the rear-end. The Detonator pays homage to a selection of high-performance bodies from the late 80’s and early 90’s with a clean, cut to the chase desert buggy design and appeal.

Included in each Detonator package is a 5.5” wing that is designed to sit flat on the geometry of the body and sits down and hugs the back of the body. A simple, yet detailed wing design provides plenty of “sling” clearance for dirt and debris from the rear tires. A full selection of gurney options on the rear of the wing gives racers a selection of heights to trim to, depending on the level of traction. The wing side-dams are finished off with a little inspiration from today with the leading edge angled and already in attack mode. Support vintage off-road and the vehicle that started it all. Detonate with JConcepts.


  • Original JConcepts design
  • Classic 1980’s, 1990’s design inspiration
  • Multiple, large window detail with roll-bar treatment
  • Rear biased cab, over rear tower design
  • Snug-fit chassis to body design
  • Reverse hood scoop
  • Includes 5.5” rear wing
  • Includes decal sheet and window mask