New B44.2 Finnisher X-flow Body


New B44.2 Finnisher X-flow Body

JConcepts jumped on the competition in Chico, CA, with a new design specifically for the IFMAR World Championships. The X-Flow Finnisher body, quickly rose to the top of the field during competition settling into the 2nd, 4th and 6th place grid positions in the 2013 Worlds A-final. Designed with aspects learned from the original Finnisher, the X-Flow provides additional air-flow relief areas which impact motor and electrical cooling directly, which remain crucial to performance. 

With the evolution of race tracks, complicated circuits combining more aggressive jumps and extremely high-speed corners; JConcepts incorporated many features which provide several benefits in the most critical situations.

As with all Finnisher bodies, the increased windshield angle provides a steady force upfront during mid-flight wind gusts on large jumps. Forward cab placement changes performance / visible bias which helps steering rotation in low traction corners. The side-pods have been simplified and JC chamfered to remove unwanted changes in height to neutralize the at-speed handling. The chassis to body fit has been tightened up which eliminates empty voids that contribute to mid-flight directional changes. The rear of the cab has a new step feature which allows the placement of a secondary side window and also a louver which can be trimmed to allow air to escape at the top of the body. The X-flow has deeper pockets near the front of the side-pods and just behind the cab which allow cut-out options for better cooling.

As a crowning achievement, Steven Hartson drove his B44.2 topped with X-Flow Finnisher body to the 2013 IFMAR World Championships by winning A1 and A3 to secure the prestigious title at Silver Dollar Raceway. The B44.2 X-Flow body is a drop fit for the vehicle and provides the aggressive look, fit and finish to the World Championship winning Team Associated B44.2 buggy. In addition to the newly designed body, JConcepts has included 2 of the latest 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance rear wings used by Steven Hartson to take the IFMAR Championship in the 4wd class.


  • Original – JConcepts Finnisher X-Flow B44.2 design
  • Blended wing / body design
  • Includes 2 – 6.5″ wide Hi-Clearance wings
  • Clear polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and decal sheet