Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Set


Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Set - Review

Yeah Racing sent us one of their brand new Aluminium Shock Gear 55mm Damper Sets for 1/10th touring cars to review. We were delighted to receive this newly designed damper set which features state of the art interchangeable damper pistons, allowing three different settings of damper response combined with 4 rebound rate adjustments to suit different racing situations. As soon as we opened the box we were instantly impressed with the great lengths in which Yeah Racing had gone to produce their beautifully designed packaging. A selection of the shock making ingredients were visible through two small windows located at the front of the box whereas the rest of the packaging featured additional information combined with interesting illustrating’s. 

Upon opening the box it soon became apparent just how high quality the contents actually were. The aluminium shock cap, adjustment nut and rebound core system in this case was anodized in a vibrant blue which accompanied the five different sets of (different hardness) springs quite nicely. Even the shock shaft is coated in titanium to ensure maximum durability and performance at a minimum weight. There is nothing about this product which has been designed NOT to enhance your competitive racing edge.

The Yeah Racing shock gear damper set includes easy to follow instructions as well as a small bottle of high quality 300CST silicone damper oil. Everything really has been considered by the Yeah Racing development department with the inclusion of a small selection of different piston types ranging from 2 holes to 4. Overall we were very impressed with the quality of the damper set and recommend you consider buying a set online over at rcMart.