Hartson wins A3: World Champ


Hartson wins A3 Thriller World Champion

After two slightly unusual A Mains, the Thriller landed in our laps as three of the Worlds hopefuls ended up blasting it out in the closing stages. Another clean start led away by Jorn Neumann as he looked to lock down a World title however a massive mistake cost him as he landed badly off the small table top allowing Cavalieri to pass – Cav not in with a chance to win overall but this setup an interesting dilemma, Tessmann right behind and then AE team mate Steven Hartson in 3rd from 6th on the grid. 

The trio raced lap after lap with Tessmann shadowing Cav whilst also holding off Hartson right behind snapping up any scraps should the leading pair tangle. The big moment happened 3 mins in as Cavalieri got the step up corner infront of the drivers stand wrong allowing Tessmann and Hartson to duel it out for a World Championship, a collective gasp of excitement from the crowd ensued. Continue reading here.

Hartson wins A3 Thriller World Champion2

Hartson wins A3 Thriller World Champion3