Joern Neumann claims 4WD Q1


IFMAR Worlds: Joern Neumann dominates 4WD Q1

Joern Neumann has claimed the first qualifying round of the IFMAR 4WD Worlds followed extremely closely by Naoto Matsukura who completed the same 11 laps 0.3 seconds slower than Neumann’s Durango! We also understand that the organisers have just announced that due to the strong likelihood of rain tomorrow, Q5 will be run tonight, from 6:40 PM lcoal time. The top 10 during Q1 can be found below.

  1. Joern Neumann 11/5:07.401 (R1)
  2. Naoto Matsukura 11/5:07.769 (R1)
  3. Ryan Maifield 11/5:08.134 (R1)
  4. Ryan Cavalieri 11/5:09.144 (R1)
  5. Ryan Lutz 11/5:09.858 (R1)
  6. Travis Amezcua 11/5:10.228 (R1)
  7. Steven Hartson 11/5:10.266 (R1)
  8. Lee Martin 11/5:12.028 (R1)
  9. Kody Numedahl 11/5:12.110 (R1)
  10. Dakotah Phend 11/5:13.430 (R1)