IFMAR Worlds: Rain to cancel 2WD Q5 & Finals?


Rain to cancel 2WD Q5 & Finals?

First we would like to state that this is merely speculation and not official in any way, however that being said after seeing the amount of rain that has fallen on the track shortly after the fourth round of qualifying it wouldn’t be surprising if IFMAR and the event organisers cancel the fifth round of qualifying. If this is the cancel Jared Tebo would claim the overall TQ spot with the top ten as follows… 

  1. Jared Tebo,
  2. Ryan Cavalieri,
  3. Lee Martin,
  4. Dustin Evans,
  5. Darren Bloomfield,
  6. Naoto Matsukura,
  7. Ryan Maifield,
  8. David Ronnefalk,
  9. Kody Numedahl,
  10. Neil Cragg

We will keep you updated as and when we receive any additional information.