IFMAR Worlds: 2WD Finals Rained Off?


IFMAR Worlds: 2WD Finals Rained Off?

[Update: Racing will resume today with main event practice at 3:30pm – 4:45pm. A Main practice will begin at 5:10pm. The mains will start at 6:10pm local time with A1 first.]  With Jared Tebo already crowned 2WD Worlds TQ and no official decision being made until after 12:00 local time, speculation and gossip is that the Worlds finals will unfortunately be cancelled. We hope this is not the case but in the meantime check out the following gossip until we can provide you with official details! 

A Main: With all of the rain that we received last night today’s schedule is likely cancelled. The IFMAR officials have to meet and ultimately decide what happens. We will keep you informed, as soon as we receive word.

A Main: There will be a 12:00pm meeting on the drivers’ stand. Racers, please let the managers who represent your country know.

Charlie Suangka: If anyone can get the track ready it is the Amain crew! Kevin probably has a plan in the works now!

LiveRC: After immense rainfall last night, much of today’s activity has been put at risk of being cancelled.

NeoBuggy: The track today visually looks in great shape, but its what lies beneath that holds the secret – a large amount of water, however the upside is the suns out and the A Main Hobbies crew have done a great job clearing standing water from the track and dare we say it doesn’t look all that catastrophic!