IFMAR Worlds: Jared Tebo reports in after Day 2


IFMAR Worlds: Jared Tebo reports after Day 2

Jared Tebo reports… After that is was business time. First practice actually felt pretty good, the track is super fun. I changed a few things in a couple of the rounds, and for P6 I had my car feeling really good. P7 was the seeding round. My car felt amazing, but I was on brand new tires front and rear, so it’s a little crazy for the first few laps. I only did 4 laps, then I hit a new pipe they added near the timing loop and broke the rear arm off my car. 

Luckily my car felt so good that I managed to get 2 good consecutive laps in a row in the 4 laps I did. I ended up 4th overall in the seeding. After that there was an optional P8. I wanted to stay and get more track time, but I got in the dust on the first lap and broke another rear arm. All in all a very good day, but a little rough at the end. I feel great with my car, and hopefully we won’t have to drive at night anymore this week. Read more here.