Xray NT1 Front And Rear Bulkheads


Xray NT1 Front And Rear Bulkheads

Molded composite lower & upper front and rear bulkhead sets molded from new hard material, these bulkheads are recommended for high traction and high temperatures. The front bulkheads were redesigned to accommodate the new front wire anti-roll bar system. The rear upper camber link position on the bulkhead clamp has been provided to increase stability and is recommended for use in very high-traction conditions or when using large-diameter tires in order to help prevent traction rolling. The optional #333131 ball-joint must be used when using this additional roll center position. 

The super-lightweight bulkheads have a very clean and lightweight design to create the lowest weight and CG, making the NT1 easy to service while retaining easy access to all parts. The bulkheads create a super-solid platform where all parts are mounted. A special composite mixture was developed to allow repetitive assembly/disassembly without stressing or wearing out the parts.

The main advantage of the composite bulkheads is that they absorb vibrations from the engine and create a natural flex, all of which help to make the NT1 one of the best handling nitro touring cars.